TG Trackings GPS tracking software is a fully fledged asset monitoring & fleet management platform which makes sense of the data that matters most to you by displaying it in a simplistic manner.

tg tracking web based tracking platform

Precise GPS Location

Real Time GPS Tracking

- 5 second upload speed.
- Live traffic maps.

Movement History

- Go back and view important events displayed on the map.
- Trip history up to 5 years.



Know who is driving at all times with the use of driver tags or driver pincodes controlled remotely.


Score all your drivers behaviour according to speed, cornering, acceleration & breaking.

truck driving tracking
tg tracking web based tracking software on laptop


Customisable Reports

- 57 customisable reports.
- Scheduled reports.


- Accident & Speeding.
- After hours usage and Vehicle Tamper.
- High risk areas and borders.

SARS Log Book

- Record your business and private trips online.

Schedule Maintenace

Schedule The Below

- Service.
- Tires.
- Drivers license renewal.
- Available fields for your customisation.

vehicle speedometer
stop sign implying no go zones for tracking

Geo Fences

Set the below

- Set points of interest on the map.
- Set alerts when arriving.
- Monitor frequency of visits.
- Monitor movement in areas.

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