TG Trackings Fleet Management solutions give you absolute oversight of your fleet and ancillary assets utilising the latest in telemetry technology.







web platform with fleet management tracking software


Driver ID

Know & manage who's behind the wheel at all times.

Driver Behaviour

Understand the way your drivers operate their vehicles.

Driver Scoring

Score and rank drivers on their driving statistics.

Panic Button

Press your panic remote for immediate emergency support.


Live GPS Tracking

Live second by second GPS tracking .

Point Of Interest

Add unique points of interest & list asset proximity to POI.


Movement | After hours usage | Designated geo fence alerts.


53 customisable reports to choose from.

Trip History

5 Years of trip history recorded.

User Permissions

Limit and adjust user functionality between all staff.

web platform with fleet management tracking software
fleet management truck tracking


Door Sensors

Monitor the opening and closing of all doors.

Expense Capturing

Capture daily expenses such as fuel, tolls and add additional fields that are industry specific.

KM/Run Hours

Capture kilometers and run hours.

Harsh Events

Speeding | Breaking | Cornering.

Scheduled Maintenance

Tyre Usage | Service reminders & management | Licence Renewals | Additional Fields For Pumps, Compressors, Hydraulics etc.


Trailer Tracking

Track non-powered assets completely wirelessly.

Cargo Tracking

Use battery powered GPS tracking devices to monitor your valuable stock.

Cold Storage Management

Monitor temperature and humidity ranges of your cold storage.

Bluetooth Stock Management

Monitor loading and dispatch of goods with BLE tags.

fleet management tracking truck and forklift
fleet management tracking helicopter


24/7 Emergency Call Centre

064 064 9109.

Free Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Teams monitoring South Africa and all SADC nations.

No Go Area Alert

Alerts when your vehicle approaches designated high risk areas.

Tamper Alert

Alert when vehicle is being tampered with.

Border Alert

Alert when an asset approaches an international border.

Jamming Detection

Alert when a jamming device is attempting to interfere with your vehicle.

Ignition Control

Remotely immobilise your vehicle when necessary.

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